Saturday, July 11, 2009

What wine would you pair with Gu?

Another lesson I am learning on Saturday long runs: I am woefully underprepared in the hydration and nutrition department.

Case in point: I dutifully showed up at Bethesda Fountain in CP at 6:45am (!!) for the 7:00 run. I had been up since 5:15 so I could eat my oatmeal (with nuts and bananas on top, arranged in a smiley face), whip up a cup of espresso, drink plenty of water (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!), dress, strap on my Sauconys and enjoy the early morning walk from my apartment.

Feeling good. Feeling ready for 10 miles on an already-steamy NYC day.

Feeling a bit of panic.

Suddenly everyone showing up for the run had their Fuel Belts strapped on, bottles in a myriad of colors for each flavor of Gatorade they've filled it with. Discussions of Gu versus Cliff Shot Bloks were all around me: "I really prefer the Sport Beans. I've got a couple of packs all ready to go for today." I became painfully aware that the bottle of Poland Springs water I had pulled out of the fridge on my way out the door to enjoy AFTER my run ("Ha! Can't be too careful - it'll be hot out there!") was completely inadequate.

Not to mention ... I looked like a total rookie.

Nothing like a scare in the image department to help recharge the New York City economy. After finishing my 10 miles (in just under 90 minutes, thank you very much), I hit just about every running shop I could find on the Upper East Side.

I am now the proud owner of a Fuel Belt, two new pairs of running shoes (Sauconys and oh-so-cushy Nikes which the salesman swore would be perfect for my high arches), super-duper sweat-preventing socks, Body Glide (So I chafe. Everyone does.) ... and finally, 5 flavors of Gu and 4 different types of Sports Beans.

I plan on having a tasting night so I can find out exactly which one doesn't trigger my gag reflex. Question is, what in the world do you wash that stuff down with?

I'm thinking a nice Napa Chardonnay.

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