Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's face it, we're just in it for the wine.

I'm off!

Well, technically I am still sitting on the plane and people are still boarding. But as long as I have a bag packed and I am no longer in the apartment ... I consider that traveling.

The girls and I have been non-stop texting and emailing in the last few days, firming up all of our plans for the weekend in San Francisco and Napa. Kerry has decided to look at this as a girls weekend, replete with wine, food, sun and fun ... and then we'll squeeze in a small 13.1 run on Sunday morning. I think that's what's keeping her from freaking out a bit.

Me? I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Something interesting happens to me as I get closer to home. Something that really doesn't happen often in my everyday life, save for when I'm running a few quiet blocks early morning on Fifth Avenue, with only the sound of my Vomeros and a few doormen sweeping their front walkways.

I feel calm. Like this really amazing peace that overcomes me. Much of it is anticipation, but most is that intangible and indescribable feeling you get when you're going home. The feeling you get when you know how to navigate every highway, every street as you head to your destination.

So the whole half-marathon thing is, to me, totally secondary this weekend. I'm much more excited about enjoying every second with girlfriends who totally get me.

I'll try my best to blog in the next few days, but I'm making no promises. When I get together with these girls, we find our time is much better spent ... well, just spent together. I am, however, trying something new. I took my Flip camera and will be attempting to get a little video of Kerry and I at every mile. (While I thought this was a totally bitchin' idea, I discovered Kerry quietly updating her running playlist on iTunes, indicating to me that she will most likely tune me out. We'll see about that.)

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  1. Ironically enough, I feel the same way when I go back to Boston. My home away from home. And when I'm running, of course. But that's a far and distant memory at this point.

    Have fun and good luck this weekend! Have a few celebratory drinks for me! And a scoop of BiRite ice cream!