Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dude, where's my blog?

A more apt question is for my blog: "Dude, where's your writer?"

So here's the thing: I have found that I may not be very interesting outside of the running world. And perhaps I am being generous with even calling my running "interesting." But I've started updating this blog maybe 14 times since my last entry (November. Yes, November) and nothing seems to stick. Do you really want to hear about my holiday party at work? I think not. (Although we had it in our office and at some point, someone is going to start photocopying body parts. The pictures say it all.)

A curious thing has happened, though. I brought in 2010 by running four Central Park races, the first since my marathon last October. (BTW, effing cold. Yet you really haven't lived until you've formed a perfect snotsickle. I can die now.) So afterward? I felt like I had something to say.

Cindy ran. So Run, Cindy, Run is back in business.

Here's a quick catch-up, pictures included. We left off at the New York Marathon:

Made a sign.
Made several signs.
Made runners laugh with said signs.

Cheered on Elkin.
Watched Elkin kick butt.
Bought Elkin a drink.

Packed up apartment 12I.
Started running on Treadmill again.
Felt very defeated by Treadmill.
Moved boxes to apartment 16M.
Moved furniture to apartment 16M
After moving to 16M, continued to get off elevator to go to 12I.
Put off unpacking boxes in 16M.
Tried Treadmill again.
Got in a fight with Treadmill.
Went to a season-ender party for TNT.
Got an award from Coach Ramon for basically being cool.

Celebrated quite a bit at said party.

Couldn't post most of the pictures from said party.
Ran in Central Park, longest distance since marathon.
Felt very winded after only 8 miles.
Begged Treadmill to take me back.
Threw surprise party for Mike's 40th birthday.

Told everyone I am a trophy wife who is nowhere near 40.
Paid waitress at party 20 bucks to card me.
Made peace with Treadmill.
Hung things on walls in 16M.
Went to San Francisco for Christmas.
Saw my beautiful girls.

Saw my beautiful boys.
Managed to get one good picture with them.

Went through annual depression because I no longer live in San Francisco.
Registered for two half marathons in 2010.
Ran first race of 2010 in Central Park in 9 degrees.

Turned 28.

Okay, turned 32.
Whatever, age doesn't matter.
It was 39.

Ran Manhattan Half Marathon on a challenge from Elkin.
Ran Manhattan Half alone since Elkin forgot he had plans that day.
Ran another CP race in 10 degrees.
Ran yet another in 5 degrees ... but this time, I had my team with me.


So when I registered for all these winter races, I wasn't totally thinking ahead weather-wise. But in the words of my 8-year old nephew Vincent, who, upon dissing me for saying something "grown-up and stupid":

"It must be January, 'cause that was a cold snap!"

(You must snap your fingers when saying "snap" for the full effect of this)

It's been a bit odd running without Team In Training. When I registered for the first one, I had to list my team. My default was TNT, but I felt like an interloper keeping it in. So I changed it to "Unattached." Talk about a lonely freaking team, this Unattached. I was super jealous when I got to bag check and a large group of purple people were gathered together, shouting and laughing. Had it been dark outside, a spotlight would have blasted down on me and my big loser "Unattached" sign I felt like I wore smack on my race bib, a la "The Jerk."

It really wasn't that bad, but I was kinda bummed.

I ran the first three races solo. A five-miler, followed by the half (thanks, Elkin!) and a four-miler. I met Javi after one and Jenn after another, but all in all, they were somewhat lonely. So when the RoadRunners threw together a run for Haiti, I was pleased as punch that all my crew was in.

The race was beyond crowded. This one counted for two races for NY Marathon qualification (members run 9 races and volunteer for 1 in 2010 and we get guaranteed entry in 2011) so everyone jumped in on it. As a result, we knew we were not racing it. We plodded along happily, chatting and snapping pictures.

It was, for all intents and purposes, a fun run for charity. Which is why this chick pissed me off:

Elkin was taking pictures when Mean Puffy Jacket girl blasted past us, huffing, "Pictures? REALLY?!" Now in her defense, she may have actually been winning the race. I mean, she totally could have passed the 7,000 people in front of her to take the lead. But we took the high road and Elkin jogged after her, snapping away like a scorned paparazzo. Seriously? It's a FUN RUN for CHARITY. Hey, Mean Puffy Jacket: Get over yourself!

We're all registered for another race this weekend. Javi has already warned us that since it's the weekend before St. Patrick's Day, he cannot be trusted to be totally sober on Sunday morning. As long as I am not downwind from him, I'm okay with that.

It's so good to be back. I have a really exciting running year planned and to all of my eight regular readers (Hi, Tina!), stay tuned for my big announcement ... I'm tackling 26.2 again this year in a new city!


  1. hey sweetie! so glad to see you are posting again! Thanks so much for the fbook birthday wishes. I'm excited to hear about your upcoming 26.2 announcement!

    I've actually been injured and haven't been able to run...yes it's killing me. I'm going to have to defer Boston until next year. Basically it seems like I strained a hip real knowing when it will be back in business. In the meantime I shall live vicariously through your races...

  2. I now have a reason to continue living!!
    Who knew that all those years running up and down soccer fields would pay off in increased mobiliity in your mid-life years. So proud of your fund raising running.

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