Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A few words about friends. And money. And friends with money.

They're good to have.

I wanted to pay tribute today to all the people who have helped me reach a pretty awesome goal. Yesterday I hit the Team In Training fundraising "minimum" for the Nike Women's Marathon. $3900. A colossal amount of money, especially in this economy. I have nothing pithy or funny to say, simply because I am humbled by the generosity of the following people:

Valerie Montellano
Paula Marcheschi
Matt DeNinno
Shelly Scannell
Bob and Michele Read
Lynette Cox
Larry Posner
Don Fair
Mateo,Joaquin,y Talia Sofia Valenzuela
Melissa Crawford
stacey guerra
Michelle Threde
kimberly rose
Len & Darlene Fleischmann
Nicole Rusin and Family
Marcia Esterman
Mom and Ken
Lynne Plotnick
Jen & Doug Jaclin
Sheila and Jerry
sandra Lee
Steve Kardian
The Halvorsens of San Ramon
Penny Halvorsen
william halvorsen
Jenna Campagna
Laurie Petterson
Leslie Ash
gina glasser clemens
Scott and Heather
Aileen Arellano
Pete, Allison & Juliet Halvorsen
Kim Dean Holderness
Lauren Mensch
Erin Connolly
Jodi Berkowitz
Alanna Stack
James Moret
Tana Prosper
Kerry Dantzig
Erin Kvistad
Michael Shapiro

For any of you who have ever had to raise money, you know it can be a tad awkward. Thank goodness for Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs, which make it OK to have zero personal interaction and remove yourself entirely from the transaction.

Okay, maybe not the best approach. But it worked.

If you didn't get a chance to donate, no worries. The "Walter Challenge" still stands. My good friend Walter thought $3900 was for wimps and refused to donate unless I upped my goal. I raised it to $5000 and the Valenzuela family gave generously. So don't disappoint Walter ... he'll track you down and make you listen to loud Honduran music.

Not really, I just found the image of that funny.

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